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I miss you...

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Have you ever wondered... "What if?" What if... you had taken that trip? If you had taken that job? What If... you had followed your heart... and just fell in love with your high school crush? Those were Mitch and Lindsey’s thoughts, feelings and emotions... as they each sat alone, reflecting back on their lives. Friends in high school... acquaintances actually... and just one date. An innocent adolescent infatuation, nothing more, or so they thought. As time went on, and Mitch and Lindsey grew up, each going through tumultuous relationships of their own but remembering that one date... and wondering "What if?" Over the years, they missed each other, not only emotionally, but by physical close encounters. Until one day, they reconnect through a mutual creative passion... that sparks memories from their past... and a fantasy romance begins. But, as time goes on and passions reach an all-time high, would fantasy turn to reality? Will the truth come out? Would their feelings destroy their worlds? Only time would tell... 'What if?'

In true Lonnie Mounts style, 'I miss you...' isn't just any romance. It's a story of missed chances, lost love, and reconnections.

You're It!
Book Three
Whiskey Dreams

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Bruce Donner is on the run from the law, his family, and ultimately himself, as his journey takes him back to his childhood roots of Roderfield, West Virginia.  Only a select few family and friends know his real identity, disguising him as one of the locals and reverting to his childhood nickname of ‘Skip’.  As time goes by, Skip becomes overwhelmed by guilt and remorse, constantly dreaming of his life back home in Dandridge, Tennessee, turning to the bottle to help him cope…and forget.  With the help of his cousin, Robert Lauderback and his childhood best friend, Theresa Rice, he fights an uphill battle of inner turmoil, guilt and alcoholism, hiding from the law and his family back home in Tennessee.  Will he defeat the demons that threaten to take him farther down a darker hole that he is already trying to dig out of…or will his past destroy his family and friends…and himself…again?  A lot can happen in the hollers of Southern West Virginia and sometimes, if you know too much, it can be a deadly game and...


“You’re It!”


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