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You're It!
Book Four
Hillbilly Code
Next in line for publication!
Winter 2023/24


Second Opinion

Doctor's Orders, Book Two


Dr. Martin is up to his old tricks again.  This time, he takes his ideas and desire for power to a new level.  Most of this story takes place in Philadelphia during the Republican convention.  David is once again pulled into a situation that he must fight for not only his innocence, but for his country, for his President, and for his relationship..... and his survival.

Weeping Willow


(Check back for synopsis.  This will be my biggest book yet, but still not sure how to explain it.  As I keep writing, it will come to me and I'll post it.)

Torn Apart


This is a story of fiction, but based on actual events that have occured in my life.  I have always been told I should write a story about my life but was always against it.  Then I had an idea for a book and it kind of went hand in hand with all the drama I have experienced in my past.  So I'm combining the two.

Triple Threat

Twin Deception, Book Two


Okay, I'm not sure about this one.  This is a sequel to Twin Deception but I'm not sure if I want to write it.  I wrote Twin Deception because my mother (Judy) asked me to try and write a romance novel.  So I tried and this is what I came up with.  And if you have read it, you know it's an erotic thriller.  This is not really what I want my main genre to be but I have to admit, it took me less than four months to write it.  It just flowed out of my mind as easy as pouring wine out of a bottle.  That frightened me.  I had no idea I could write such.... erotica.... mixed with darkness and murder.  This is the only way I can explain it.  And I have a great idea for the sequel... but not sure if I want to dive into it.  What do you think?  My heart tells me to go for it, but my mind says be cautious.  And I know it would only take me a couple of months to write it.  I guess I'm just having a struggle with the writer I want to be and the writer I already am.

Angel Dome

Written by:

Lonnie Mounts


Ashley Miller

(My stepdaughter wants to be a writer so we're writing this one together so she can experience all that comes with being a writer.  We do not have a synopsis yet, but here is the prologue)


   What's that noise?... Where am I, she thought to herself as the panicked and short-breathed brunette tried to pull herself together.

    Open your eyes my child...

    She jumped at the sound of the voice in her head. “Who is that, whose there?” she yelled, never opening her eyes.

    Ronnie... open your eyes and you will see.

    All of a sudden, Ronnie, short for Veronica, felt calm. She felt a warmness consume her body and a gentleness soothe her heart and she knew... as odd as it may have seemed, that she was safe... for now.

    Trust me, my child... Open your eyes.

    She slowly did as she was instructed. As she opened her eyes to mere slits, she noticed she was on her knees with her hands placed on her lap. She opened her eyes a little wider as a massive, awesome bright glow surrounded her body. The brightness was blinding as it seems to absorb her entire body as you looked on from behind her. Only Ronnie wasn't blinded.  She could see exactly who she was talking to.  She began to cry quietly, not only at his awesome beauty but at the realization as to where she was... and what it meant.

    “I can see you know where you are,” the voice now spoke to her in a loud but caring voice.

    “Yes... I know.”

    “And you know who I am?” he asked even though he already knew she knew exactly who he was.

    She took a deep breath and almost let out a whimper as she began to speak, “You... You are the almighty...” she continued to try to speak with words of joy and sadness. “You are... my God!” she cried out as she broke down into tears of sadness and joy.

    God looked at her with all his beauty and watched her sob with his loving, caring eyes. “My child, why do you cry?”

    Ronnie looked down at her hands as a few tears rolled down her cheeks. “I know that... if I'm here... talking to you,” she looked up at him. “I must be dead... right?”

    The almighty smiled at her, “That depends on you, Ronnie.”

    “I don't understand,” she responded as she continued to be warmed by his awesome glow. “I know I'm dead, but I don't remember how... or why.  I know I'm happy... overjoyed in-fact, to be here with you, but sad...feeling like I left something unfinished.”

    God revealed to her a smile that would have blinded any normal person of his world, but Ronnie was special. “Yes my child, you do have unfinished work to do, but not from your past.  It's work to be done in the very near future.”

    “Me?” Ronnie asked in a confused tone.  “What could I possibly do?”

    “More than you can imagine.”

    She looked at him for a couple of seconds, collecting her thoughts before she spoke again. “God... I know you know me better than I know myself, but I'm not sure if you have the right person in mind.”

    God gave her a smirk as she looked up at him. “Trust me, my child... I know you are the right person but you have the freedom to choose which path you feel is best.”

    Ronnie looked up at him with sad eyes as she used her right hand to run a strand of hair behind her ear. “How will I know if I choose...” she paused as she took a breath to calm herself. “If I choose what's right?”

    God's smile slowly faded as he started to rise up.  He was hovering as he began to not only speak to her but to show her.  “The choice you make will be the right choice, for whichever you decide, it will create the same outcome,” God continued to explain to Ronnie as he lifted himself higher so she could see beyond him. “This is inevitable,” He explained as Ronnie laid eyes on the curvature of the earth... only the continents were ablaze of fire.  Dark clouds rose into the thick heat of the night as cries and screams echoed off in the distance.  Ronnie began to weep at the horrible sight and tried to speak but was unable to.

    “This is going to happen, as it has been explained in my book,” God spoke as he began to lower himself down as he gazed at the sight of Ronnie trembling. “There is no changing this.   However, you... your choice could have adverse effects on many lost souls and innocent people.”

    Ronnie started to cry out loud as she wrapped her arms around her body, holding herself, “I don't know if I can... I'm scared”

    God smiled as he reached out with his glowing arm and lifted her head with his hand so she could look into his eyes. “It's okay... I believe in you... Always.”

    She gave him a weak smile as a tear rolled down her cheek and onto his hand, in between his thumb and index finger. God raised up his hand from her cheek as the tear rolled down into his palm as he closed his hand.

    “I can do all things, through you...” Ronnie said as she looked up at him.

    God was pleased and smiled at her as he raised his other arm and touched her left cheek. “Are you ready my child?”

    She closed her eyes, “Yes.”

Cemetery Plots

Imagine, if you had the opportunity to walk through

a cemetery with a stranger and discuss the lives of different tombstones

you came across.  Only you come to realize that the fate of the names on the tombstones you are discussing lies completely in your hands.  Your "Judgement" of their ultimate deaths are their answers to their final destinations.  The catch is how you judge them.  You have lived a "lukewarm" life and your choices in judgment on them will ultimately decide your judgment of eternal life or eternal hell.  Judge wisely.

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