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"You're It!"
Book Three
"Whiskey Dreams"

“You’re It!” Book Tthree - Whiskey Dreams, is the third book in the You’re It! pentalogy.  As the game continues…  Book Three finds our main character Bruce Donner, on the run from the law, his family, and ultimately himself, as his journey brings him to his childhood roots of Roderfield, West Virginia.  Only a select few family and friends know who he really is, disguising him as one of the locals, reverting to his childhood nickname of ‘Skip’.  As time goes by, Skip becomes overwhelmed by guilt and remorse, constantly dreaming of his life back home in Dandridge, Tennessee, and he turns to the bottle to help him cope… and forget.  With the help of his cousin, Robert Lauderback and his childhood best friend, Theresa Rice, he fights an uphill battle of inner turmoil, guilt and alcoholism, hiding from the law and his family back home in Tennessee.  He mourns the loss of his friends, family... and the murder of the love of his life, that happened on one fatal night in Dandridge, Tennessee.  Will he defeat the demons that threaten to take him farther down a darker hole that he is already trying to dig out of… or will his past destroy his family and friends… and himself… again?  A lot can happen… in the hollers of Southern West Virginia… sometimes, if you know too much, it can be a deadly game… and you might find out… that “You’re It!”
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You're It! Book Two, Southern Shadows

The lake holds many secrets…

…and now it holds one more

You’re It!” Book Two, Southern Shadows, is the second book in the You’re It! pentalogy. Book Two finds our favorite group of teenagers about to embark on their future as adults, but they're not letting go of their youth without some fun and a party! Many more bonfires and fishing escapades help to keep Bruce Donner, Randy ‘Doc’ Mackinze, along with Heather Roberts and the rest of the gang, grounded to their roots and to their hometown of Dandridge, Tennessee. Douglas Lake was their home, their love, their life… and now it holds their secret. A secret that could come back to haunt them. Bruce’s cousin, Roger Lauderback, assures everyone that he has it under control and not to worry. “If anything should… resurface… I’ll take care of it!” Slightly concerned, they adhere to his word and move on with their lives. Although their lives have gone in very different directions, their shared bond of friendship seems unbreakable, until now. As they all return to Douglas Lake, Bruce has asked "Doc" to be his best man in his Heather...the secret love of his life. Can "Doc" control his desire and urges and allow his best friend to be happy with Heather? Or does he create even more "secrets" for the lake? Be careful when you visit Douglas Lake...or you might hear the echo from the Southern Shadows call out..."You're It!"
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"You're It!"
Book One
"Southern Roots"

'Nothing comes between a southerner
and his fishing, his boats, his guns...
and his woman...

Not even friendship,
but sometimes...

it gets messy!'

Welcome to the mind-boggling life of Bruce Donner who’s been in hiding for over seven years after one fatal night in his hometown of Dandridge, Tennessee. Douglas Lake was the focal point of Dandridge as Bruce, and his friends would spend most of their time either in or around the lake. On one particular night when Bruce was with his childhood friend, Randy "Doc" McKinze, they had a mishap on one of the back roads around the lake. They accidentally ran a car off the road into the lake. They stopped to help but failed in their efforts. They had been drinking but were not drunk. No bodies came to the surface of the lake, which meant no survivors, right? Randy told Bruce to leave, and he would take care of it. "Just hide out at your house and wait for my call. Don't talk to anybody! Especially your cousin Roger, the cop! Don't even think about going to your fiancé, Heather either. I'll take care of this. The less people know, the better off we will be." Later that night, he received the call and learned of the three lives he had taken that were in the car. He was unable to live with that kind of guilt or bring himself to face his family. With Randy's persuasion, Bruce decided to run away and hide out. At least his family could deal with a missing family member better than a murderer. Seven years later, Bruce is confronted by his past as he comes face to face with an accuser who happened to see him around Bruce's roots, his birth town of Roderfield, West Virginia. He had been on the run for all of these years, living the life of a criminal, which he hated and now it seemed he would have to be on the run again... or maybe not. Bruce's "accuser", poses a challenge for him, and the adult version of their childhood game "You're It", begins! So disguised, he headed back into his home town. Oddly enough, his family was nowhere to be found, and no one recalled of an accident with a car in the lake, killing three people.
New TD Cover 2.jpg

"Twin Deception"
Lonnie Mounts

Re-Released in its original version for the first time since 2007.

 Danny J. Kane (D.J.) and Misty Rains were engaged during their senior year at the University of Miami, Florida. After spring break, Misty tried to call off the engagement, but with D.J.’s persistence, he won her heart again. They eloped and moved to Ocean City, New Jersey, to start their lives. Years went by and life was great. Then one night, as D.J. returned home, he discovered Misty, bound to their bed and lifeless. He was eventually arrested for premeditated murder. Along came Dawn Rains, sister of Misty, and bailed him out of jail. She explained a side of her family that may be the reason for Misty’s death. But as D.J. frantically searched for clues before his court date, he learned of April Rains, Misty’s twin sister, the woman he unknowingly married. Just as it looked like D.J. was in the clear, the story began. 

Special Note:
If you purchase the paperback version of "Twin Deception",

please click on the book cover with the sunrise, as pictured above, not the one with the twins on the cover.  The re-released version of "Twin Deception" and "Doctor's Orders" are published by Amazon.  Both are short stories available to purchase for no more than $14.99 (plus tax and shipping) through Amazon.   Thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy all my books!  

$6.99 each.

Paper Back
$14.99 each.

Special Note:
When you go to the Amazon site to place your order for the paperback of "Doctor's Orders", make sure you are ordering the newest edition. Doctor's Orders will never be more than $12.99. The older version is from a different publisher and it has an animated blue city cover. It cost $20.00 and isn't the updated version. We don't want you to spend more than you need to and we really want you to read the newest and best version of "Doctor's Orders".

Doctor's Orders New Book Cover.jpg

Doctor's Orders

Lonnie Mounts


Meet eighteen-year-old David Simmons, who is on a mission to find his missing girlfriend, Mary Collins.  Raised in a military family, David knows the value of not giving up until you finish the job.  His search for Mary takes him from Fredericksburg, PA to New York City.  Unsuccessful in his search for several months, David is introduced to Dr. Martin, a psychiatrist who claims he can help him in his search.  At first, Dr. Martin seems trustworthy but David soon finds out differently.  David is put through a series of tests and wild goose chases around the city and finds himself being framed for a murder he did not commit, which brings this story to a dramatic and explosive conclusion.  Can David pass the test?  Can Dr. Martin be trusted?  Will David ever find Mary?  Only the final chapters can answer these questions.

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